Born and raised in rural France (not my personal decision),  I then lived a bit in the US (Chicago), the UK (Oxford) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Then finally moved to Tokyo in 2004. After spending 19 years in more or less interesting companies, I decided to quit my job to become a 100% freelance illustrator in August 2018. I started to get orders: a french restaurant in Tokyo (Tiles and artworks) , 2 CD covers for an independent Japanese label, company marketing material and I am in talks with a young fashion designer based in London for a collaboration next year. 
My interests are wide: music (from mandingue to post-punk via hi-life, showa kayou and Bollywood soundtracks), japanese and french subculture, black humour, dirty old books and vinyl that smell like fungi, good alcohol and urchins.
In terms of 20th century artists I admire: Moebius before 1982, Caza, Namio Harukawa, Francis Bacon, Fela Kuti, Chiaki Naomi, Oyang Fei Fei, Lilis Surjani, Mulatu Astatke, Farid El Atrache, Dexter Gordon and many many more
I have had one solo exhibition this year in Tokyo, will have another in Li-Po in Shibuya from Nov.1st till 11th and will take part in 2 group exhibition in Kobe and Wakayama-shi in November too (details yet to come).
I won a prize from Nippon Designer Gakuin in September 2018 for a poster I designed.
Thank you for reading that far.
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