Mind the gap, ink and digital
Torasan1, 寅さん1
Torasan and her, 寅さんと彼女
Torasan is drunk, 飲んだ寅さん
寅さんのあくび、Torasan yawning
Jacques Chirac, ink
Hotel signage
Hotel signage
Hotel signage
たい焼き, Taiyaki, Digital
The Trial, Kafka
Mind The Gap
Zine Frontcover, ものもらい
Tokyo rush hour, ink on paper, 257x364mm
Zine backcover
Sit on it,ink on paper, 100x148mm
Abe's cheesecake, ,ink on paper, digital
Riding, sold
Russian Choir, ,ink on paper, 210x297mm
Tokyo Metro 2, ink on paper
Tokyo metro
Red light, digital
昭和天皇, digital
自動販売危険, pencil on paper, A4
Smartphone junky, 140x170mm
Maison de tolerance, ink on paper
Charles Baudelaire, ,ink on paper, 210x297mm
Nostalgia, ,ink on paper, 257x364mm
Riding, ink and acrylic, 100x148mmm
Cuisine chinoise, pencil on paper, 128x182mm
Yaki Salarymen, digital
Moais with ties, digital
420, sold
Yamane kaicho, ink on paper
Showa family, ink on paper, 200x200mm
At the sushi, ink on paper, 128x182mm
Bento-ya, sold
Stripshow, sold
Ramen, pencil on paper, 100x148mm
Hula-Hoop, sanguine, 100x148mm
Selfie, ink on paper, 100x148mm
Barber, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
Izumisan, ink on paper, 128x182mm
Akemisan, sold
DJ Yaruo,, ink on paper, 100x148mm
For sale, , ink on paper, 128x182mm
Eatin', ink on paper, 100x148mm
Modern sushi, , ink on cardboard, 148x148mm
Tea, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
Shima Shima, acrylic, on paper, 100x148mm
Kabakura, sold
le zebre, sold
Flex Time, ink on paper,180x148mm
Matches, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
Paris cholesterol, digital
Angel, acrylic on paper, A4
Pinky, Sold
Temple winter, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
Lapin, ink on paper, 130x180mm
Shimoda, digital
Jeanne Duval, , ink on paper, A4 size
Cosmos shopping, digital
Agnes Sorel
Daruma san, digital
Banana dictature, digital
Hiro-HIto, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
Snack, digital
Ainu woman, , ink on paper, 100x148mm
God's finger, , ink on paper, 182x257mm
Children, Sold
Graduation, 257x364mm, , ink on paper
Friends, digital
Anna's daughter, pencil on paper, A4
Beware of the shark
Dracula's Castle. digital
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