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Born  in  France countryside, then  spent some time in Paris, U.K., Chicago and Amsterdam, where I had some fun but also got up in the mornings.  Moved to Tokyo in 2004 and became a full-time freelance artist in  2018 after saying adios to the corporate fun. 
I draw a lot (mostly ink), make digital animations (Japanese girlsband debut Promotion video out on June 22nd), design label (Beaujolais wine) and packages (designer's sunglasses "Plasticdelux"), paint walls for bars in Tokyo, design T-shirts and goods for companies, sports teams, bars, etc. 
A picture book illustrating a song from a famous Japanese punk band from the late 80s , called the Blue Hearts, was published by Gendaishokan in Japan in december 2019. It contains around 40 one-page illustrations. It's available in bookstores in Japan as well as on Amazon.
I dream about writing a bande-dessinee one day. I post a new work everyday on instagram and shave people's head on request for fun.
I also make music  under the name Botchy-Botchy: and play vinyl records in Tokyo bars. Recently I collaborated with the musician Koshi Miharu to write french lyrics for a song called "Voyage secret" (to be published on september 15th by Nippon Columbia).
I sell prints as well as my original works. NFTs are also available here:
Don't hesitate to contact me. I work with a lot of enthusiasm.
December 2021: Umipos Nippon Foundation
May 2021: Minute Mapp International Tokyo Finalist (Animation)
December 2020: Roppongi designers Flag Contest (3 artworks)
December 2020: Umipos Nippon Foundation
November 2020: Japan 6 Sheet Jury Special award (animation)
September 2020: STARBUCKS Film@HOME project (animation)
December 2019: Roppongi designers Flag Contest (3 artworks)
March 2019: Spiral Independent Creators Festival selection
October 2019: JAGDA International Student Poster Award selection
October 2019: Umipos Nippon Foundation
October 2018: Umipos Nippon Foundation
March 2020: Nippon designers school 2nd prize
September 2019: Nippon designers school 2nd prize
October 2018: Nippon designers school 2nd prize

May 17-29 2020: Red Cube Gallery  Asagaya "Pot-pourri"
February 2022: Dub Gallery Akihabara Nura-Nura 2022
January 2022: Snack gallery Ban Kuruwase
December 2021: Dougenzaka Squat "Lez Ranko"
October 2021: Steamer Coffee Shibuya
June 26-July 11th 2021: CrypTokyo , 1st NFT exhibition in Japan
Ultra Super New gallery (Tokyo), group exhibition.
December 2020: Vive la vie (Aoyoma, Tokyo)
September 2020: Ban Kuruwase (Tokyo)
August 2020: Sushibar in Tokyo.
July 2020: Li-Po (Shibuya)
June 2020: Blue Monday (Shimokitazawa)
March 2020: Atelier 485 (Shibamata),
January 2020:3331 Chiyoda Arts (Tokyo), group exhibition
December 2019: JAGDA International Student Poster Award exhibition 
@ The National Art Center (Tokyo)
June 2019: Art snack Bankuruwase (Tokyo)
May 2019: 20th Spiral Independent Creators Festival (SICF) @ Spiral building (Tokyo)
March2019:-Atelier 485 (Shibamata), 
February 2019: -Ban Kuruwase (Tokyo), group exhibition
-3331 Chiyoda Arts (Tokyo), group exhibition
November 2018: Li-Po (Tokyo)
June 2018: Ban Kuruwase (Tokyo)

Thank you for reading that far, you deserve an award.
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